Nick Fry is a Christian, Husband, Father, Worshiper, Pastor, and Author.

“My passion is to see people go from death to life.”

Nick has spent twenty years in ministry. From playing concerts, leading and teaching worship, guest preaching for churches, students, or events…it’s all about Jesus Christ.

His journey into ministry started in a dark place.

At the age of fifteen, Nick was so depressed that he wanted to die. One night, in front of his parents, he sliced open his arm thirteen times. What happened next was simple…God showed up in his life in a tangible way and paved the way for him to share his “Scars Story” with thousands of people.

Nick has traveled the country spreading the love of Jesus to those in need. When his “Scars Story” is shared there is always someone who can relate and finds healing from the torment of depression and suicide attempts.

Nick has also led worship for thousands of students for Fuge Camps and more. Whether it’s leading worship, playing a concert with a band, an intimate acoustic venue or speaking, God is the sole purpose and reason behind Nick Fry and his music.

Nick has spent many years as a songwriter and currently has songs being used in TV/Film across the globe. On the 2011 season of American Idol, Nick’s song “Apology” was used in the underscore on the show and both “Apology” and “It’s All for You” were used on other various projects/campaigns throughout the year. As of recently, E! News, Style Network, NASCAR, CMT, and eTalk have all used Nick’s music on their programming. And the list keeps growing as God expands his territory.

He has also been included in Worship Musician, Billboard Magazine, and SPIN Magazine.

Nick’s first book, “7 Days of Worship – Excessive Admiration for a Holy God” is soon to be released.

Why does any of this matter? It all points back to Christ!

Please consider partnering with Nick Fry on your next event or ministry need.


Quick Facts

Nick and his wife Megan have two daughters. In addition to loving their girls, they enjoy coffee, Disney World, and travel adventures. He is also a lover of golf and the great outdoors.

He is a graduate of Liberty University.